About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire a healthier Africa by empowering all people to grow food and provide fresh foods from the farm to the Table.

Agriculture with resources including business development and funding resources that will enable agriculture business to conquer hunger and feed the nations.

Our Vision

To ensure Food Security for all in Africa. Soon, Africa will feed itself one farmer at a time.

Our history

This Agricultural conference of 2018 was one of its kind that brought together farmers, government officials, academicians, industrialists, bankers, and the general public in the same platform to discuss the way forward for agriculture. The question then and now are;

Can Africa boast of food security? Can agriculture be sustainable? Can farmers be supported and encouraged to grow enough food for their communities? How can the government entice the youth to focus on agriculture?

Well, then and now, we have discovered that until governments participate in making farming attractive the youth will not find any value in the profession. Yet Agriculture has multiple businesses within the value chain and farming can be a modern-day creative business.

For this reason, AfroAgricExpo & Institute is committed to provide funding, provide training, and various resources to ensure that Agriculture, can be diversified, multi-faceted, and profit-oriented making it attractive for would be farmers. Including the Youth.

 Within Agriculture there can be livestock production, research, biotechnology, cropping, manufacturing, strip tilling, juice production, training, food packaging, food processing, etc. Young people when encouraged and supported can diversify in the different areas of agriculture. 

As a company, our mission is to inspire a healthier Africa by empowering all people to grow food, encourage all people to provide fresh foods from the farm to the table and to support, promote, and provide resources to small holder farmers to ensure that the process of bringing food from the farm to the market is achieved swiftly.

Our Values

  • Provide sustainability to the hunger crisis
  • Impact business communities positively
  • Empower, support, and provide resources to farmers for food security globally
  • We cherish continuous learning

Our Plea

With your help, we can collectively enable African farmers to embrace Agriculture as a noble profession as well as a profitable business, which when developed and harnessed properly, can ensure food security, reduce poverty, combat hunger and disease, whilst creating wealth and employment.

The UNDP agrees that Agriculture alone can place Africa on the forefront of developing nations faster than any other sector.

Agriculture is the sure way that Africa can sustain its future while building a strong economy that can compete globally.

Please join this new wave and help Africa become food secure. We promise that “Together, Africa can feed its people”.